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Virtual tour of Ziggy's shop

Welcome to Ziggy's Motorworks. Ziggy's has everything they need to produce the best quarter midget race engines available. They pride themselves in a well-organized and efficient shop dedicated to serving quarter midget racers.

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Overall view of the shop showing the work benches. From left to right. The closest bench is the packing and shipping area. The next two benches are engine assembly areas. The dyno/welding room is beyond the double doors. The business office is just to the right of the dyno room, off camera. Parts stores, lathe and valve grinder are next. Lastly is the third assembly bench closest on the right with the Honda engine being worked on.

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Close up of a well-stocked assembly bench with hand tools, hydraulic press and tapping fixture. The parts washer, granite plate and spring tester are just beyond the bench.
Wanna go fast?

Ziggy's has the fastest racing parts to make your Deco go. Cranks, carbs, heads, custom manifolds, fans, sumps, ignitions and shrouds all in stock and ready to go.

Got parts?

Ziggy's has them in stock, ready to install to get your engine back to you now.

16" 3-axis CNC milling machine

The mill is the shop workhorse. It reconditions engine blocks and makes heads, manifolds, tilt port assemblies, adapters and other parts. Since Ziggy's also has in house CAD/CAM capability the CNC mill allows him to rapidly prototype any R&D innovations. Once the metal is cut, the idea can be tested on the dynamometer.

2800 degree furnace

Cast iron must pre preheated to 1350°F prior to welding and for stress relief after welding. This furnace gets the job done for all rebuilding and repairing of Deco blocks.

Hot Deco block coming out of the furnace

Click here to see a truly red hot block coming out of the furnace. (0.5meg .avi fileworth the wait!)

Block Welding

A strengthening strap is welded to the front of the block. This allows it to withstand racing power levels. Welding cast iron is an art and Ziggy is an artist.

Block Brazing

Stock ports are brazed adding material. Then ports can be reshaped to improve flow. Worn or damaged blocks can also be repaired with brazing.

13" Colchester Lathe

It is used to make various parts and true assemblies. The picture below shows a Deco crank being turned.

The lathe is used for many engine building operations including turning valve stems to increase flow.

Kwik-Way valve grinder

The valve/seat interface is key to unleashing power from an engine. The valves have to be accurate to seal tightly and need the correct shape for best flow. Ziggy cuts his own controlling all aspects of their flow and sealing.

Blast Cabinet

Raw engine blocks are blasted to remove debris.

Raw Material

Head blanks and raw engine blocks waiting to be turned into racing engines.

Finished engine blocks ready to race!
Flow bench

This important instrument is used to determine the most powerful combination of engine variables such as port shapes and valve angles.

Ziggy's Dyno

The dynamometer is the last stop before shipping for all Ziggy engines. This second generation dyno uses the inertial method to measure power under realistic operating conditions. To record engine performance, this dyno has its own computer driven data recording system.

The buck stops here. No engine leaves the shop until it passes muster on the Ziggy dyno.
Click here to run Ziggy's dyno.
850kb .avi file

Click here to hear an AA-Mod pulling to 12,000 rpm on the dyno.
450kb .wav file Oh baby!

Ziggy's wall of fame

Over the years drivers and handlers have sent mementos and notes of thanks to Ziggy. Click on the picture to see all the detail.

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